New Year’s Resolutions – Simply by Suzy

As January draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on those New Year’s Resolutions we all make. I love what Suzy of Simply by Suzy had to share about her own resolutions with her clients, not to mention this gorgeous session, all shot on film.

All of these images were taken with a  Contax 645 and Nikon F5 cameras/Portra 800 & Tmax3200 B&W film.

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From Suzy: For 2013 I want to give all of the families I work with as many memories as I can.. including pictures of both their laughter and tears.. images of each family member.. even photos of just mom & dad together (or dad & dad, or mom & mom).. ask the kids more questions about themselves and their favorite things, like about the turkey they painted at school for Thanksgiving..  I want to give the families I work with in this upcoming year even memories of the session itself.. the old camera mom found in the attic and wanted to show me, or the spider web the kids were fascinated with as we walked outside to our photo spot.. both pictures of everyone’s perfectly posed smile and their imperfectly unposed walk through the woods.. I want to make an even greater effort to truly know each family I work with and respect all of the different ways that people love each other or live their lives and show that respect through the artwork I create for them.  But most of all, I want to take what I learn about each family and create the most beautiful story out of what they choose to let me see of them.. a story that they can look back on forever and remind themselves every day that they lived the most wonderful life together.


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