My Kids – Wendy Laurel – Maui Family Photographer

thought I would let you know a bit more about me

every year on my birthday

i ask my kids for 2 things

the first and most important is to write in my birthday journal.. they can write a letter, or whatever they want, or draw a photo. and write their age on it.  (they do this on mothers day as well).  its my most important possession.

the second, which is below, is to take a few photos together for me.

and here is what we got this year.

NRlaurelKI001206-R6-E053 NRlaurelKI001206-R2-008-2A NRlaurelKI001206-R2-072-34A NRlaurelKI001206-R2-010-3A story-1 NRlaurelKI001206-R2-020-8A NRlaurelKI001206-R2-056-26A NRlaurelKI001206-R2-032-14A NRlaurelKI001206-R2-018-7A story-2 NRlaurelKI001206-R5-E041 NRlaurelKI001206-R3-E007 story-3 wendylaurel_ NRlaurelKI001206-R5-E035

and yes, Im not above asking a stranger on the beach to take a photo or two so I could hop in there.

how do you get your kids to pose? or do you?

let’s hear.




  • toni raper says:

    awww man, your kids, so awesome. love your youngest, he always has this look on his face i want to pick him up and squish him. Great birthday wish list.

  • Carie says:

    great looking kiddos & fun, fun shots!! every once in awhile i let my kids throw in some of their own ideas about poses. in edits they love to ask to see the ones they posed for. i love their giggles when they see how it turned out.

  • Lexi says:

    Love these photos, as always. I totally want to start the journal idea. That sounds so simple and such a treasure!
    I’m just an amateur photographer. But, I actually usually ask to go to the beach for my bday where I take lots of photos, but not an official photoshoot. I mostly don’t have them pose. Every once in a while I might ask my oldest to jump or something and then every once in a while they will all get together. The Christmas card is another story. A crazy, painful, anxiety ridden story. Mostly because I wait until the last minute. 😉

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