From Florida to California, 2 film photographers meet up

When two of the best film photographers get together, the result is sure to be out of this world. Shannon Griffin from Mi Amore Foto had the honor of photographing Jessica Lorren’s family while they were in San Francisco recently. I love how Shannon got some really amazing and natural portraits. The way she combines creativity into her family sessions is amazing.

From Shannon…

My close friend (and incredible photographer) Jessica Lorren asked me to come photograph a wedding with her in San Fransisco. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. While there she wanted to do a family session. California is such a stark contrast to Florida, and we were so excited to take photos where there was fog and beautiful scenery. We ended up doing a ‘day in the life’ session, which means that I followed them around for the day. These are my favorite because I photograph from getting up in the morning all the way into the day. It’s a great way to capture what a family’s life is really like at that stage. I photographed them waking up, making breakfast, getting ready, touring San Fransisco, eating lunch, playing back at the house, etc. It was such a special day and I was so honored to be a part of it.

I like to just capture moments as they happen. I do very little posing as I don’t believe the posed photos are going to be the ones that bring us the most joy while looking at them. I want families to have photos on their wall where they are laughing and loving.

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mi amore foto's image of little girl at table backlit with banana

mi amore foto's film image of california san francisco coast

mi amore foto's black and white image of wet mom holding wet daughter in embrace

mi amore foto's film image with dad and little girl flying in air

mi amore foto's black and white image of jessica lorren's girl in san francisco

mi amore foto's image of mom and daughter hugging with golden gate bridge in background

mi amore foto's black and white image of mom and dad hugging through car window

mi amore foto's image of jessica lorren's photo holding hands with daughter

mi amore foto's image of little girl being snuggled by mom on sf beach

mi amore foto's image of jessica lorren and her daughter swinging on beach

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