Christian Gideon: maternity photography can be cool

How many ways are there to shoot a belly?  Not as many as I would like, judging from the maternity photography I usually see and do myself.  But this session just jumped out to me.  Christian Gideon must have had a good time on this shoot.  Its fun, its creative, hip, and it made me smile.   Plus, Christian says it just fit his clients.  And that is really the goal with family photography.

Oh and go and look at Christian’s website.. even if its just to see his header.  This guy shows his style right away on his website and you know what you are in for.  Right up my alley.  I love it and hate it when I see a photographer whose branding I wish I had.  Christian is one.

This is what Christian has to say about the maternity shoot:

“Todd and Tara both work in the music industry in Nashville had asked me if I would do their maternity session.   I primarily shoot weddings so I ventured out of my comfort level for this session.  Todd and Tara are from my hometown and we all went to high school together.  They made the trip back to our hometown (Springfield, Missouri) from Nashville for the session.  I really wanted to capture their personalities and avoid the cliches one sees in so many maternity sessions.  The added rain during our session definitely added a unique twist.  In the end I was so thrilled with these images- they capture Todd and Tara to a “T.””

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