Will Fisher: mad style wedding

As Will Fisher aptly says, “this couple has mad style.”  I’m so in love with her entire outfit.  I mean just look at those gloves.. the detailing on them is insane.

Will makes me laugh out loud. He says “it was a pretty small crowd, I guess less than 80 people.”  Geez.  Ninety nine percent of the weddings I have attended or shot at or been married at have had less than 80 guests.  Will must be used to big huge weddings, or else life is really different in Hawaii.   And I LOVE saying vows on old apple crates and having a friend officiate. Just perfect in my book.

“This was not a registry wedding, but it was somewhat small and nontraditional.  I was hired for only five hours, so most of my focus was on the bride and groom’s photos, family formals, etc.    It was a pretty small crowd, I would guess less than 80 people.  It was held at Bridgeport Brewery in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.  The bride and groom stood on old apple crates to say their vows while their family and friends gathered in around them.  A friend of theirs became a registered officiant in order to officiate their wedding.”

Will shot almost this entire wedding on 35mm film.

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