Amelia Johnson: lovely button tweeter gets married

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Today we are leading off with a Tweet!  Amelia Johnson shot this incredible wedding and shared the fun and so so 2010 backstory:

“Sarah and John were like any other young couple in love; filled to the brim with blissful anticipation, excitement, and faced with the financial conundrum of how to pay for their wedding.  Around this same time, you may recall that Conan O’Brien was released from the Tonight Show and forged ahead into the frontier of social media.  In March 2010, Conan opened a Twitter account and decided to follow ONE person at random.  Sarah Killen, twittering under the name “Lovely Button,” became his “Chosen One.”  Having Conan O’Brien follow Sarah exclusively made her dream wedding possible.  When Sarah and John became engaged, John had just been laid off and Sarah was a student.  Almost overnight Sarah began receiving wedding swag, even from Conan himself.  On the wedding day, Conan tweeted, “Today Sarah Killen is getting married. I got her a Hamilton Beach dual wave blender. Thank you, Craigslist!”

The intimate wedding was held in the large, rustic backyard of Sarah’s Uncle in Fowlerville, Michigan.  A few hours after the ceremony guests headed to a nearby cornfield to enjoy home-cooking, dancing and merriment.  To reach the reception destination, guests drove off-road by the side of a pond, through a corn field.  Wine donated by a California vineyard filled two antique wheel barrows with plush florals threaded through the wheels.  The vanilla and coconut wedding cake was made by Sarah’s manager at work.  The cake bloomed with rich red and coral flowers and was topped off with a rubber ducky bride and groom.  Shades of red were a major part of Sarah’s wedding aesthetic, which felt vibrant and fresh.  From the ceremony to the reception, gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces and floral decor were donated by Blumz ( in eye-popping reds, oranges and yellows, complimenting the rustic setting with glimpses of cattail.

To accent the gorgeous florals, tables were covered in deep coral cloths and garnet napkins purchased at Walmart.  Sarah helped tremendously to set up the tables and reception.  When Sarah was asked how she managed she pull the whole wedding together, she said, “Whenever people offer to help I say yes and give them something to do.”

The reception lasted for hours, and guests enjoyed one another’s company in the middle of a grand, isolated corn field with billowing periwinkle clouds rolling over them.  Sarah and John’s wedding was shot entirely on film, with my trusty sidekick, the Contax 645.”

Tweet Sarah and say Congratulations!!  And check out Amelia on facebook and/or her blog.

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  • Jen Lynne says:

    Awwww, I love this!! I remember when she was planning her wedding here in Michigan, I am so glad she found such a gorgeous place to say her vows 🙂 Congratulations Sarah and John!
    Wendy and Tory: The blog looks amazing, I love it! I will be sending you some images soon!

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