Love, Life and Family – Tanja Lippert Portrait Photography

I recently had a client worry that if I used film I would not be able to catch movement or candid moments. Here is Tanja Lippert showing us that nothing could be further from the truth. I love the life, movement, and joy I see in this family shoot.

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Simply amazing.  And besides being a fantastic photographer and star of the Film Show on Framed, Tanja holds not be missed workshops — including one coming up with Ryan Muirhead in Vegas right before WPPI.

She can show you to see and shoot in any light and teach you how to get that something something out of the people in front of camera like no other.

I am  loving all the facebook and instagram shares. Keep them coming.  And if you want to be featured on the blog, find out how to submit here.   I love seeing all your work.

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