Lizzie Metcalf: let the couple shine

Lizzie Metcalf from Swonderfulphotos is So Wonderful!  I love her style and use of light.

We talked about Lizzie on Monday, click here if you missed it.

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“There is nothing more magical to me than being in a beautiful place with a giddy couple! Meet Caleb and Alicia. They met in college. She loves old things, and so does he. She loves photography, and he loves her..

But most of all they love each other. We started out with a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets, headed over to the nearby vintage soda & candy store, Rocket Fizz. This was really one of the most fun shoots I’ve had. Their love just pours out through each picture, each conversation, and each moment.

I barely had to give any posing aside from occasional “direction”. Because they’re just naturally cute. From there we headed out to this perfect location down the street with these dreamy trees, and the closest thing to a lake that we have in our sunny little suburban town. Just a little farther down the road we then proceeded to the finale (the field).

My main direction when working with couples is to always be aware of their body language. To make each moment, movement, and detail purposeful. I just want my couples to have a closeness that is read through the lens, at all times. Which was practically no work at all with these two. I love meeting couples that love good photography, but more importantly, love each other more than all the ‘stuff‘.

I generally also try and shoot wide & low, always with backlighting and making the most of that brilliant sun! These were shot with a Canon Mark II 5D, mostly at f/1.2, and f1.4-1.6 if needed.

Come back tomorrow when we show you how photographers are giving back in their communities.

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  • Debby says:

    Wow, this is amazing!! I think it’s the best couple shoot I’ve seen – ever! It’s just so raw… I love love love it!

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