Let Them Be Fruitful – Lexia Frank – Florida Family Photography

This session from Lexia Frank is absolutely adorable….love that these were so impromptu and she got such sweet images of her boys.

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From Lexia:

“we saw a blueberry picking farm along side the road and decided to pull off to get some berries.  it was a beautiful day, and the farm had cute little red buckets for the boys, so i grabbed my camera…. with only ONE roll of film.  anyone who’s a film shooter knows its really hard to photograph kids (always moving) with manual focus, and usually results in a bunch of out of focus shots (which can be beautiful in their own right).  So, to have just one roll of film available, i knew i had to make it count.  i’m an admitted overshooter normally, so it was great for me to have a serious restriction and work within the confines.”

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