LETS TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT | Kristin Chalmers Photography

Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall is a boarding school in the Boston area that was in a funk. So they contacted Kristin Chalmers in a search for a different way to capture the students for their yearbook pages and their senior portraits!

The director of the school said, “Kristin was up for that challenge, and hung out at the school and literally had an assembly line of teens and about 10 minutes for each student. It was the first time the school hired a photographer that didn’t use strobes or a backdrop of any kind. Kristin explained to us that she planned to approach each kid differently so that their individuality came through. We feel that she accomplished that task The school is so happy that the students petitioned to Kristin return to photograph their prom and the Junior class has already demanded her for their portraits next year.”

We love the way each kids personality shines through!!

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3 more days till WPPI!!! Are you all ready for this contest?!!


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