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I could so relate when I read that Kristin of Images by Kristin said, “My sister later laughed that of all the places to shoot, they were surprised (but in the end, very pleased) that I picked this spot.  While she and her husband saw ‘the weeds that they hadn’t yet sprayed’, I saw beautiful blooms in the Queen Anne’s Lace.”
I think we always see something different than what our clients or others see…they see dirt we see an amazing backdrop. It’s gaining the clients trust to know that we know what we are doing and will do it well……as long you trust us. That is the key.
Love this family session – it makes me smile and want to run through a field.

Before we get to our Q&A with Kristin…..what are somethings that you guys want to know about our featured photographers?!…do you have an BURNING questions?!! Let us know and we’ll make sure we get the answers for you!!!

Why do you shoot?  What drives you?  What inspires you?
My goal while shooting is to provide families with the same memories (of my own family) that I want to hold onto for the next 50 years.  I love the energy and vibe that is unique to every family and the different path I take with each shoot to guide the family.  I find myself laughing a lot with while I am shooting and that usually shows in the images as genuine, connected moments. I feel I’ve done my job well when a mom needs Kleenex when seeing their session slideshow.  Am I awful for loving those tears?  Tears mean that I did my job well.

Which camera/lens are your favorites and why?
My typical flow for a family session is to start with my 70-200, because I can get beautiful shots while giving the kids some space and time to warm up to me.  If I’m shooting with my 70-200, I am usually shooting at 200mm, so the young kids aren’t feeling like they are being photographed.  With my 70-200 I am looking for natural framing and environmental shots and thinking about the shot to hang over the fireplace.  Once I have those shots, I encourage more interaction and movement to balance the posed shots with shots showing family connection.  I then move on to my 85mm f/1.4 for it’s beautiful bokeh and individual shots of the kids, siblings together and parents.  With senior sessions, I usually start with my 85mm and change out lenses for the look I want.  I typically end every session with my wide angle lens (either a 24mm prime or a 16-35mm zoom) to get in the kid’s space and encourage them to be goofy and fun.  I also love to use my wide angle for sun flare shots.Do you use only natural light or flash or reflectors?
I shoot most of my family sessions with natural light.  I always have strobes and reflectors as backup, but find with the activity of young kids, it’s just easier to roll with finding the nice pockets of natural light.  I love to mix in OCF with my senior sessions, where the pace is much slower and the subject is cooperative.
Any tips for shooting children?
I let a child’s reception to me guide the pace of the shoot.  With timid children, I start with the larger family shots and work into individual portraits. I like to use parents as a prop for the shy child.  While I have a sequence in my head of what I want to shoot, and where, I am quick to adapt to work in the shots as I see them.  With kids, it’s important to keep the session fun or they quickly lose focus and become frustrated.
Favorite place to shoot and why?
Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have learned to love to shoot in the forests and on the fringes of open spaces.  On the fringe, I can find nice directional light, force backlight if needed, and can generally find plenty of overgrown shrubs and trees to use for framing.  I also love the directional light in the local sheds and barns (one benefit to living in a rural area).  Generally, my goal is to arrive at a location and find little niches that other photographers might overlook.
Best piece of advice you could give to a new photographer?
Don’t rush into client work too soon.  Work on mastering your camera, exposure and different lighting scenarios before putting yourself in front of clients. 
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Have a fabulous Easter weekend!!
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  • Julie Delgado says:

    Beautiful! Gorgeous girls and family! Love the color!!

  • Kristin’s images are so inspiring. Although she makes me want to be a better photographer, I find that her images make me want to be a better mom . The connection and love that she captures in her work is so precious and how I want MY family pictures to look. I am sure that she is well stocked in the tissue department – moms must melt into puddles when they see her images of their families!!!

  • Jen Gasper says:

    Love this session. Love the interview. Just love Kristin! She has such a way with capturing families and all the giggles, love and playfulness that comes along with having fun! Really enjoyed this post!

  • Amber says:

    It makes my heart happy to see Kristin’s session featured here! Kristin is one of the most creative and talented photographers I know. Her sessions are so full of life and laughter! This was the perfect way to start my Friday morning!

  • Gorgeous session. Kristin is such a master with the camera. I love her work and how she sees things differently than others.

  • Cari Berry says:

    Beautiful Session! I love the location – so glad you saw what you did in it! Thanks for sharing the details about your shooting flow and lens choice – your work is inspiring!

  • Whitley says:

    Love Kristin’s work! Beautiful session 🙂 And I have had the same thing happen re: locations. So often people don’t see the potential for a beautiful picture.

  • Melissa Bradfield says:

    Such a beautiful session! Kristin is amazing and capturing connection and life in her work! LOVE her! So awesome to see her featured here!

  • I am a huge fan of Kristin’s work. She picks the perfect locations and captures families with such beauty. I was so excited to see her featured today!!

  • Bonnie Stewart says:

    Wow! What GORGEOUS images!

  • Jen Snyder says:

    Kristin is such an inspiration. I’m a huge fan of hers!

  • Jamie Siever says:

    What a lovely location! I’m so happy to see Kristin featured here – her work really is remarkably good!

  • Terry Arnold says:

    I love this session from Kristin! The location is perfect with the “weeds” (Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my favs also! Beautiful work!

  • Dori Domany says:

    I’ve been a fan of Kristin’s for quite some time, so it’s wonderful to see her featured here. She’s an amazing photographer, and a master of light.
    This is another lovely session!

  • ashley says:

    Thank you for posting some of Kristin’s beautiful imagery here for us all to enjoy. I loved looking through all of them. Kristin has such a wonderful eye and her images always feel so dynamic. She is an amazing photographer and an exceptionally beautiful person as well!

  • amy lenhart says:

    thank you for posting this gorgeous session of kristin’s!! i love looking at her work!! she is an amazing photographer!!!

  • ShellyS says:

    Beautiful family shots! I ADORE Kristin’s work; she is one of my favorite photographers.

  • becky says:

    beautiful session!! kristin is such an inspiration!

  • Jen says:

    Such a fabulous family session! This is *EXACTLY* how I want MY family photographed. If I ever end up remotely close to Kristin, I will hire her in a heartbeat! She was a such a talent and unique vision with her camera.

  • Verity says:

    Kristin’s work is totally inspiring! Awesome feature!

  • Kristin is such an inspiration! I love her eye for detail and her ability to capture all those little things you want to remember about your family. I hope one day to get my own family in her front of her lens!

  • Laura says:

    My heart did a happy dance when I saw that you had Kristin featured on the blog today. She is an amazing photographer and such an inspiration. Thanks for such a good read and for the beautiful images. I *heart* Kristin and her work.

  • Detra Dowling says:

    Oh wow!!! These are all so gorgeous that I can’t single just one out! live the lighting and the expressions. Amazing photography!!!

  • Kristin is an amazingly, insightful person which adds to the beauty of her images. She is a thinking and feeling photographer. Her images always speak to me. The light, the composition, the emotion. Kristin Hemenway inspires me. Love this feature!

  • Sylvia Borgo says:

    It is soooooo great to see Kristin featured! I’m such a fan of hers! Thanks for featuring her, I found her interview to be very insightful! <3 <3 <3

  • Carrie says:

    Stunning images Kristin!

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