Jennifer Tai: let’s think Spring!

Being from Southern California I don’t really need to deal with weather too much. But the occasional fog or rain sends people running indoors and clients frantically trying to reschedule our beach sessions. Which is why it AMAZES me that in other places people actually shoot in 20 degree weather!! TWENTY DEGREES!!!

Jennifer Tai sent us this especially loving & uh…warm engagement session….you would never know that as Jennifer told us, “it was like 20F wind chill out there and there were still patches of snow on the ground some places. Such troopers were Beta and Jordan that when I told them to THINK SPRING! they tossed off their coats and pranced around for me (to keep warm mostly). We of the Pacific Northwest make the best of what we have.”

Love it!!

AND beyond this session…if you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s work…please go do so now. She is amazingly talented and her work will leave you with that warm, loving, fuzzy feeling!! Definitely one to follow!!

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