Wendy and I both fell in love with this session by Olive Avenue Photography. We love creative and different and Jess did an awesome job of thinking outside the box to incorporate her clients vision into her own. I can’t even list my favorite parts of this session…but if I HAD to choose, Mom’s dress is TDF, LOVE their dog (a Greyhound  named Jackal), AND I wish I had a picture of my daughter in my heels like the one at the end….but first I guess I would need that super cool kitchen!! Enough about me, back to the photography. When clients are open and honest and hand over their vision to their (very talented) photographer….magic will ensue!!
Here’s a little about the session from Jess herself.
“This family session, shot with a Nikon D700, 50mm f/1.4G and 35mm f/1.4G, was a total collaboration between myself and the client.  As talented artists themselves, they had a unique vision for what they wanted their session to be like…and I did my best to capture it.  Getting to know this client by meeting over coffee at a pre-session consultation and taking the time to listen carefully to what they wanted was vital in creating a unique portrait session that celebrates their style and who they are together.  There is nothing better then working with a client who inspires you to explore something you’ve never done before and push past any limits you’ve put on yourself as an artist.”
Thanks for looking!!
Come back tomorrow for a BIG HUGE family, you won’t want to miss!!


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