Let’s Take on a 365 Project – Kate T. Parker

Today we continue to celebrate Summer by featuring images from the lovely Kate T. Parker’s. Kate Parker is far more ambitious than I, as you will see she is surpassing the Summer Shot List project with her own and quite beautiful 365 project.

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Could you tell us a little about your 365 project?
I was pretty much shooting daily already, but the accountability involved with 365 was great for me to keep me honest about it.  I post my shots to my Facebook page and usually also to the Clickin Moms Daily Project as well as updating my blog weekly.  I shoot mostly what is going on in our lives.  I am a stay at home mom/photographer with two little girls that are so over me shooting them.  I have resorted to a drawer full of candy that I “pay” them with now to use them in my shots.  Smart kids.  🙂
What day are you on?
I started on the 6th of January, so I think I am on about the 153 day now (June 11)
Why did you decide to do it?
I had heard a bunch of photographers that I respected and admired had done one and that it did a ton for their work.  I thought it would be a challenge and at the very least keep my Facebook page full of new content daily.  🙂
What keeps you motivated to do it everyday?
I love to shoot.  I love to edit.  I love to feel creative everyday.  It makes me happy.
What have you learned from it? 
I have definitely learned how to be creative within parameters.  There’s only so many ways to shoot inside your home of the same subjects doing the same things day in and day out and have something creative and interesting to look at.  I don’t succeed every day, but that is one thing that keeps me going.  I’ve also learned a lighter hand with the post processing…seeing the images of my family and my home and my kids, I wanted them to look as real as possible.

Thanks you Kate for your submission!

I really don’t know if I could do a 365 project, hence the creation of the Summer Shoot List, but this post has me second guessing myself. Maybe some day! Do you have a 365 project? What keeps YOU motivated to shoot everyday?

Sharon + Wendy


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