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Oooh this is JUST the way to go into the weekend!
LOVE the love in this super fun family session captured by Sharon De La O!

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Excited to find out more about Sharon – I too squeal when I find the PERFECT light! ūüôā

How long have you been shooting?
I started shooting in high school using my dad’s Minolta SRT 101 with¬†LOTS¬†of black and white film. ILOVED¬†developing my own pictures and watching them come to life. I also took photography classes in college, it was strictly a hobby though. My passion for photography has always been there, yet did not didn’t truly come to fruition until I was taking pictures of my first born.

How long have you been shooting professionally? 
I have been shooting professionally for three years part-time and the last two full time. I lost my “day job” as a sign language interpreter and decided that was my cue to jump into my photography full force, no looking back.
Do you shoot film or digital? 
I shoot all digital for my business and I will shoot a roll of film of my kids here and there for fun. (you can see some of Sharon’s film stuff — here.)
Which camera/lens are your favorites and why?
 I shoot mostly with my Nikon D3s paired with my 85 1.4G or 35 1.4G.  Both are my all time favorite lenses, super fast with very shallow depth, also great in low light situations.
Do you use only natural light or flash or reflectors?
 I am totally a natural light junkie,  obsessed with finding the best light for my sessions. I will literally squeal when the light is perfect for a shot.  I use speedlights and a video light only in dark wedding receptions.

Any tips for shooting children?
Get on their level, be their friend. I don’t like to start shooting until I have made them laugh at least once. I am sure it helps that I have young kids and can sing pretty much any cartoon theme song, that usually gets them going.
Favorite time of day to shoot and why?
The golden hour. Really, is there anything better? That yummy sunset light has my heart.
Where do you look for creative inspiration?
I find so much inspiration in the people I shoot. I am always looking for what makes them unique and the vibe they have together as a couple or as a family. I also find inspiration from magazines, movies and music videos.
Thanks for such a great week friends!!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Shooting anything fun?!
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