LETS SHOOT UNSCRIPTED + contest winners!

It’s all too common place in portrait sessions to set-up our clients. We put them in a location, we pose them, we tell them to look at the camera, to smile.

If you are following along you know we LOVE different and when I saw this shoot by Kira Lauren Photography, I really couldn’t stop thinking about the small details in my own life that seem SO SMALL – the mundane details of the day that I over look. Or at least they seem mundane until you struggle to remember what it was like.  Those are the moments we so often hurry though rather than slowing down, enjoying them, capturing them. As a photographer, as a mom/dad, just as a family.

Kira said, ” As years go by, I’ve now grown to learn that this raw style of shooting and SEEING is what defines my personal vision. “Unscripted” sessions are now what I’ll be offering exclusively for families, couples, and even artists, or anyone else who has a story to tell.

I spent 2 hours with this beautiful family, in their home, during their favorite time of the day together. After work and daycare, when they spend time playing, eating dinner, bath, and story time before bed. I sat back and let them to as they usually do, and  just documented the wonderful things I saw: drool, spit-up, baby massages, messy bananas, doggy chases around the house, and diaper changes. This is what life is made of.”


A great reminder to enjoy the small moments as much as the big ones!!

ETA: I totally spaced on announcing the winners from our contest today!! Ziva from Kids+Film said she had a super hard time choosing
and got it narrowed down to two! SO we decided to award TWO winners!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!! Lots of you really rallied to get your likes in and it was so much fun seeing the next generation with their cameras!!

The winners are:

1.) Roweena Timson – Zina said “I just love the colorful clothes, little attitude you can see in the way she is standing,
and the funky diana fits right in with her style! It’s an adorable photo!”

AND #2 we ALL loved Catherine Abegg‘s entry of her super creative side-by-side of her and her daughter!!

Congrats to you both!!!! Send us your contact information to submit@letthekids.com and we’ll send over your RPL discount!!

Tory +Wendy


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