We cannot go wrong with Kjrsten Madsen, now of London.    She always does shoots well, even last minute with only a hand me down Canon AE-1.

“It was a completely last minute gig. While I was away on a camping trip with my extended family this summer, my brother and his wife asked me to shoot their little family…. since I was moving away to London, they wanted one last shoot while they still had me around. When we realized it was our last night together- which meant their last chance for a session with me (otherwise they would have to fly out to London) they ran and quickly got changed. We drove (speeding no doubt) to the nearest yet highest point we could find to reach some of the last light of the day, and just in time! We found a random dirt road and pulled over. This was shot in the less then 20 minutes, no nonsense, no props, no planning, no styling, just a family in love and straight up photography!

oh yeah and did I mention, I didn't know I would be doing this shoot so what I had to work with was what I brought with me for documenting a camping trip. An old hand-me-down canon AE-1 worked like a charm!”

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We love this last minute, no nonense, straight up family in love photography.  Thank you Kjrsten and thank you for visiting us today,


Tory+ Wendy



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