Let’s Shoot At Home — Intuitive Images

More and more family sessions are moving out of the studio and even out of the park or beach and into the client’s home.  I love this trend.  Stephanie at Intuitive Images nailed this family’s essence in this in home shoot.

How do you get clients to agree to in house sessions?

The lifestyle session is certainly not for everyone. In pre-session correspondence, I try to look for clues that it’s something that they might enjoy. I always try to find out what their intent is with the finished product. If they just want some pictures for Grandma, the lifestyle session may not be a good fit. But if they are looking to preserve a moment, or remember their kids at this age, this peek into their everyday lives can be such a powerful memory to have later on.

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Do your clients expect the standard posed family photo or contact you wanting something more informal?

Some of both- sometimes they don’t even know exactly what they want, they just know that their families are growing and changing rapidly and they want to freeze time just a little.


How do your clients find you?

Word of mouth, and online


Do you market?

Nope! I’ve done a couple promotions but 90% of my business is through referral and repeat clients. I have some super fantastic Facebook fans.


And tricks and tips for catching all those moments of real interaction during the shoot?

I think being a mom of three kids under 10 is so valuable when photographing other people’s children. There’s a mommy sixth sense that lets us anticipate a moment, or a reaction. Just like we can see a tantrum or a naptime meltdown coming, we can see a joyous giggle or a silly dance move coming as well. Being a mom has extended my patience, expanded my expectation of everyday beauty, and helped me to really look at moments rather than days. Motherhood is probably one of my biggest creative strengths, and it aids me in photographing people of any age.



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