Tory is rad. It is true. And I am so lucky to have her for my partner in this fun little blog of ours.

And YANPhotography is rad.  Ridiculously so.  Diana Palmer aka Yan shows Tory and her family in an amazingly RAD way herself.  From the moments of waking up her husband Sean, out to their super cool VW van in the backyard, and out to the beach a block away.  (Not a bad life there Tory).

I am going to confess something here.  I have been lobbying to have Yan showcase her talents on this blog since we started.  I love her work. And she is probably the only photographer that I know that I am jealous of.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe its because her style is right where I want to be.  She always knocks it out of the park and she only gets better. And she is someone whose style looks so well like her. Not like anyone else. Her poses and angles and compositions are all so natural but so good and unique to her.  I see movement in her images.  There’s lots of LIFE in her work.

Anyway, I could hate her for her talent.. but instead I will showcase it today and help spread the word of this incredibly talented girl.  And next time she is in Hawaii she is shooting my family.  For sure.

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P.S. she shoots weddings too!  Kids, families, weddings.. this girl is the one to call.  Plus she travels.

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