Let’s See the New Baby – Sarah Day Boodhoo

 Sarah Day Boodhoo sent us this amazing newborn and family session.    Such pretty colors, such great emotion.  Makes me want another baby too!
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From Sarah:

“Have you ever spent time with family so incredible, where you felt like running home, packing your bags and moving right in with this amazingly fun family? Yeah – that was my day photographing Cody’s newborn pics. It was so not all about the baby – they were all amazing. But then I thought ‘hey – you have your own amazingly fun family, silly girl!’ which started the plotting: ‘hmmmmmm – maybe we can ALL move in!’. Yep. The morning was full of that sort of awesomeness. This is what happens with you combine a Yoga instructor with a California surfer and make gorgeous (inside AND out) children. This is the family that inspired me – at 2 months post-partum myself – to want more kids. Yeah, it was like that. They have created a sanctuary into their home – one where peace, fun, laughter and comfort are King – where you walk in the door and immediately feel at home. I may also be partial to the kids who were so excited about the photography – they begged to learn about the film cameras! You can check out Ali’s Yoga Studio here: www. alicampbellyoga.com for more of this families awesomeness… “

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