Lindsay Madden: let’s see her glow

When I was pregnant (with any of my 4 kids), I never felt like I was glowing.  Nope, I felt sick, tired, and well sick.  But Lindsay Madden captures this pregnant mama’s glow for all to see.   Doesn’t she look amazing?

From Lindsay:

A little note about maternity photography:

*I absolutely LOVE maternity sessions because I truly believe it is the most amazing time in a woman’s life. I approach maternity photography in a very laid back & carefree kind of way. I want my mothers-to-be to feel comfortable in front of my camera & therefore, I help my clients get into figure flattering positions as well as making sure I also capture the beautiful moments that organically unfold between the expectant couple. Since this session also involved the couple’s toddler son, it was important to capture images as a family of three as well as to find some time in the session where emphasis could be placed solely on the couple. Dean is a sweet kid & self motivated so he had no issues hanging off to the side on his own while his mom and dad worked it for my camera. Not all kids are like this so bringing along an extra hand {grandparent, friend, nanny, etc.} is definitely something I suggest.

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AND Jade Sheldon was our winner from last week’s RPL print contest!  Mahalo to Richard Photo Lab.


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