Ashley McNamara: let’s see her favorites

Ashley McNamara is a household name for excellent newborn, children and family photographer.  I am so excited to share some of her favorites on our blog today.  Ashley is a big hit with clients and photographers both.  Besides being a very talented photographer, Ashley is a crazy talent in photoshop.  When I shot digital, it was Ashley’s actions I relied upon for the color and “look” I really loved.  And if you haven’t seen some of her tutorials, go right now and look.   Funny and talented.  I love her tutorial on making people look slim in photoshop.  I don’t do that sort of work, but the tutorial is a must see.  The things she can do!   But here is what she can do with a camera… and Ashley says she is a SUPER bad writer, but if you go read her blog, you will find out that is not true.  “Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II, and my two favorite lenses are the 24-70 2.8L and the 35mm 1.4L.”

Thanks for hanging out with us today….

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