LETS SAY THANK YOU — Christopher Wilocki Photography

This being Veterans Day and all we thought it only appropriate to share with you an amazing shoot talented photographer Christopher Wilocki sent to us – we’ve been sitting on it for so long in order to hold it for today!! Christopher was asked to spend the day with Honor Flight Chicago, a non-profit that was created to recognize our Veterans, specifically WWII Veterans, for a day of honor, remembrance and celebration in Washington D.C.! What he captured literally gave me chills and we are SO excited to be able to share it with all of you!

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of course this is just a little snippet of Christopher’s amazing heartfelt shoot, if you would like to see it in it’s entirety we welcome you to visit his blog —> here.

And just as a side note – I think today and everyday it is so important to remember the sacrifice so many people make and to say thank you……to remember that people are out there risking their lives for us everyday so we can live our lives as we please. And to say thank you not only to them, but to their family members who live without their loved ones for months, sometimes years at a time, and give so much themselves. We should all carry that feeling of gratitude around with us…when we are driving, walking down the street, dealing with people….you never know who someone might be and they should be celebrated everyday, not just on Veterans Day.

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