Lets Recap WPPI – Vegas Let the Kids Style — WINNERS

Well by all accounts WPPI 2012 was a smashing success.   Everyone I know had a ton of fun, met a whole lot of cool people, shot great images, and danced the nights away.  I definitely missed out. In the spirit of Vegas, we are showing some of our contest entries up here on the blog today.  Tell us what you loved about WPPI or why you didn’t go to WPPI if you were a homebody like me.

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And the lucky winners (which were chosen by random.org) are

ASHLEY SMITH (aka Taryn Reid Photography) for the Jose Villa + Fuji Film prize


D’ARCY BENINCOSA for the Jonathan Canlas + Kodak prize!!!!

Huge thank yous to all who entered and an even bigger thank you to our sponsors:

Jose Villa, Fuji Film, Jonathan Canlas, Kodak, and Richard Photo Lab!!!


  • Ashley Smith says:

    Im shaking!! Woohoo!! Ok, seriously WPPI was awesome for this first-timer. I’m not sure the years
    To follow can top it!! Thank you Let the Kids for definitely making my trip unforgettable!!

  • This just made my YEAR! You have no idea! I am so so moved and awed right now. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Even though I didn’t win (coughs) … CONGRATS to Ashley and D’Arcy! 🙂 Also, I did love the entry with the little kid and Polaroid in the FILM IS NOT DEAD tee-shirt! That’s another winner, fo’sho!

  • Kassi says:

    It was terrible for me. Get this, I fly into Vegas (not for WPPI) but because we’re being stationed at a Marine base 2 hours away from there. So, my husband books us a hotel at MGM. So just 27 floors down, there is WPPI! It was the biggest tease EVER. I kind of wish I had tried to sneak in for a sticker… but I think that would of been cheating or something bad. LOL.

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