Let’s Pick Up and Move with Caroline Lima

Caroline Lima sent us this amazing session today. I absolutely love her creative compositions.  Caroline is a  new to North Carolina photographer.

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“I’m a wedding photographer and Army wife. I recently relocated from Germany to NC. Relocating is definitely not easy, starting your business from scratch can be scary and difficult.

A dear photographer friend that relocated 3 times already gave me some great advice, she told me, ‘set realistic goals, work very hard, once you get your first clients do whatever it takes to far exceed their expectations, then word of mouth will start flowing.’”

“I think it helps a lot if as soon as you know where we are moving to, you start doing some research about the vendors in the area.

I love doing personal projects, those are the times I can let my creativity fly, I can test some new techniques and fulfill my passion for photography without having a lot of pressure.

You might even have to do things a little bit different than before, maybe even charge a little bit less, but don’t give up, it takes time. Relocation is a roller coaster of emotions, I’m still in the beginning of it and I tell myself every day to just sit down, work and to be patient. I believe good things happen to those who put their hearts and souls into their work. “

I am sure Caroline will be very successful in North Carolina.. just look at her work.


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