Lifeographer, Stephanie Beaty shared with us an awesome project she did with her oldest son Liam. Capturing him for a year – just here and there – doing his thing. Never asking for eye contact or interaction. One of the reasons I love this so much is because whenever I try and capture my kids as they are doing randomness it never fails – I run to get my camera and by the time I get back they are done doing whatever cuteness they were doing. So I am just in awe and in love with the way Stephanie created this set!!

Here's a little about the project from Stephanie herself:

“I began this simple series in 2008 when my oldest son, Liam, was two. I was pregnant with my second child and knew my time alone with my eldest was coming to a close. It continued for over a year. Although my aim as a photographer is to capture children as they are, these images are more candid than my portrait work . My goal was to capture him as authentically as possible during his day-to-day activities and convey the individuality of my son with no prompting from me. During the “sessions” I would simply pick up my camera and observe. I didn't interact as much, which made him more tolerant of my presence with the camera. There is no eye contact in the photos, and I had to become comfortable with that. It was a wonderful exercise — to seek out beauty in the everyday and work to frame the scenes intentionally. For me it represented a true documentary approach — I had to work to create the images in lieu of engaging my subject. They are pure, and real and unequivocally him.”

Enjoy!! Which is your favorite?! Mine is the jumping on the bed! I love the motion & pure emotion!

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Such a fun and creative process for us as photographers!!



  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. Everyday moments are my FAVORITE.

  • Cecily R says:

    These are WONDERFUL. Every one of them is a slice of life and photo bliss.

  • Love the slices of life! I’ve spent a lot of time documenting my son the past four years in this very same way. I’m more of a documentary photographer than portrait photographer anyway, so I really connected with this set. Thanks for sharing something different and refreshing! I LOVE it!

  • Wendy says:

    This is inspiring me to do more of this with my kids. Too often Im trying to get them to look at the camera. I love this though. Great images.

  • Thanks so much for the feature..and all of the kind comments. Love your blog!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have so many photos of my sons first 3 years, I need to put them together somehow so they are more meaningful. The colander photo is my fave…I think. 🙂

  • Lisa Hart says:

    Just discovered this blog- so lovely. I work w/3, 4, 5 yr olds (and their grown-ups) in family art activities. So I get to study the intention and glee on faces all day long. But I had to comment particularly as I too have a son Liam. Now a tall, dark and skinny 21 year old. But once a blond round faced two year old w/a halo of curls- so much like this Liam, so much so that it actually took me a back a bit. With many similar day to day captured shots. Lovely.

  • kellie says:

    this is my absolute philosophy in photography. in love with these photos, stephanie, can’t wait to see more of the series!

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