LETS MEET IN THE MIDDLE – wendy laurel photography

What to do when you live in Australia but your three kids live in all different places?! You meet in the sorta middle (hello Maui!!) for a reunion and hire Wendy Laurel to capture it all!!

Wendy’s favorite time to shoot is in the morning when the colors are clearer and the ocean is blue. Using a Contax and Canon IV + an array of Kodak film (800, 400 + Ektar), she shot the individual families first and then the whole group. You would never know it was actually a rainy morning on the island but they got lucky that the clouds cleared up by the time they hit the beach! (see another reason to love Maui!!)

I love Wendy’s take on the group images – no one does it quite like her!!

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Kinda makes you want to take a family vacation to Maui and have Wendy capture it for you!!
Thanks for looking!!

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