Let’s Look Inside — Tim Coulson

I just discovered this guy.  Well I didn’t discover him, but he discovered us and sent us his work.. which blew me away.  Tim Coulson.  Photographer of People.  As he says.

You guys are in for a treat today.  Its the way he observes. The compositions he creates.  Its like a little glimpse into this family’s life.  And so well done.

This is what Tim said about this shoot on his blog (which I highly suggest you check out).

“Kesh was riding shotgun as we meandered our way from Auckland to Hamilton in our little red car. The green hills rolled and the river swam by…

A celestial chorus of the Maori people rang out as we passed a hillside where they lay a loved one to rest. Their Haka faded into the distance, along with our goose bumps.

A single email, a few weeks earlier, had started a correspondence that led us to a small green house. This was no ordinary house though. It was special.

A newborn baby called Audrey lives there. She is the most loved of Talia and Phil, who just happened to serve up a Mexican feast that actually changed my life.

This is them, as they are, in their home.”

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