Kate De La Rosa: let’s keep it in the family

This maternity session from Kate De La Rosa is not only adorable, it was also shot by her husband. Both Kate and her husband are photographers ~ knowing the meaning I take from my own personal work, I know these must be so special to them because Erick shot them!

From Kate~

My husband, Erick is also a photographer, and we are so incredibly lucky to have had him capture these memories of my growing belly. It has been impossible to go anywhere outside in the sub-zero temperatures in Chicago, but we’ve been making the best use of the bright winter light right at home! Our bedroom is filled with a window that just oozes natural sunlight – a photographer’s dream!  We have spent so many moments here on this very bed… playing, laughing, talking about our future, and dreaming.  These photos mean so much to me, because they capture us exactly as we are in this very moment.  This is as real (and as genuine) as it gets.

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Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us!


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