One Love Photo: a photography interview

As soon as I first saw their work, I was in love.  Seriously in love.  I really like the uniqueness of their images and their creativity.  I love photographers who have a “voice”.  And One Love Photo does.  Today its an interview with Heather from One Love Photo.

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Who are you?
Heather Gilson and Jon Almeda

Where are you?
Our home is in Tacoma Washington, but we travel to Oahu every couple months to stay with Jon’s Grandparents.

What do you mainly shoot?
Weddings are our bread and butter. I love the intense focus that they take and the amazing energy. I have always loved photographing children.

I adore your style.  Did you take you long to find your “voice”?  Do you feel you have found it?
I feel very lucky that I started in photography at a very young age (14 years old) I think you have to experiment, you have to try out all sorts of things until you have a voice or “style” in any medium. I believe with anything it takes lots of hours, weeks, years to develop past the building skills phase. Once you have a solid skill base that’s when your style starts to emerge. I am not sure how Jon got so good so quick, what took me years to master in photography he caught onto within his first year of shooting with me. Perhaps starting something new when you are older makes it a little easier. I hope so, because I really want to learn to paint I hope it doesn’t take 15 years. But it probably will 🙂

What do you think your “voice” says?

Great question. I hope it says real life is pretty great, no need to “style it”. I hope it encourages people to notice subtle moments, expressions and details that may have been overlooked otherwise.

What is your go to camera?
For me (Heather) it is my Hasselblad camera, which has been my camera of choice since I bought it in 1999 with my book advance from Chronicle Publishing. I shot most of my book “Up To No Good” with that camera. I love it very much xoxo

Film or digital or both?
Both, we blend the two together when we shoot weddings. I tend to shoot more film and Jon tends to prefer digital.

If film, which films?
Kodak Porta 400
Ilford XP2 400 B&W (I miss Fugi Neopan 1600 like crazy)!

Where do you get your creative inspiration?
Paintings, movies, travel. I am trying to learn to paint because I find I am very drawn to certain paintings that I see out in the world. I think that my photographs sometimes have a painterly feel to them because of this. At least I hope so.

I love the square format in your photos … which camera does that come from?
If I am shooting it’s coming from the Hasselblad camera and if Jon is shooting it’s coming from his homemade lens “Dirty Harry’ The images with more blur along the edges are from Dirty Harry which he shots with his Canon MarkII 5d.

What is your favorite trick for getting families and kids to relax while in front of the camera?
Honestly just talking to them a lot and making them feel confident and beautiful. I find I often get my best kid shots if the parents leave the room. I was a nanny during art school and I have always loved children so I just talk to them and ask for their input for the photos, show them how the camera works, make them feel like they are apart of the process.

I love the realness of your images and the locations? Do you pick where or do the clients?
I love shooting at people’s homes, I feel like the stuff that surrounds a person is so much apart of who they are. I often choose what area of a home to photograph in based on the light, colors and textures that I see. I love this blog post and poem about imbracing the messiness of life…

Do you use lensbaby? No Or how do you get that effect? It’s Jon’s Homemade lenses that give the blur effect.

Do you run any workshops?  Seriously….

We did one workshop in May of 2010 and are hoping to announce another one for the spring of 2012.

Here are some posts on the last workshop that we did, the next one we plan will be similar but also a little different. We need to decide on a venue this month and then we will announce it. It’s looking like May 2012.

Hope I’m not gushing too much but we are really excited to have you on our blog.
Everyone loves gushing, don’t they?!!! xoxox Thank you so much!

And here are the first photographs I ever saw from them.  Personal work involving VW Vans and surfing. No wonder I love them so.  Enjoy!

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