LETS INCORPORATE THE BOOTS | Marvin Tsai Photography

I’m not going to lie, I’ve got a slight obsession with Hunter Rain boots…you send us a post with Hunter’s and YOU’RE IN. Ha! Just playing.

But really, Marvin Tsai sent us this adorable family/maternity/kid shoot where they just happened to incorporate the daughter’s favorite yellow boots (she’s got good taste, my daughter has red ones) in to their shoot…..besides the obvious stellar photography, I love how the family shows off their style. Mom couldn’t be a drop cuter either…..super awesome style. And P.S. – she creates the CUTEST letterpress stationary, make sure you check it out!!

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Tomorrow…..we’ve got a fun and creative technique post for you so make sure you check in!
AND…..we apologize if you are having issues seeing the images on our blog, we are working quickly and efficiently to figure out WHY, truth is we’re just not sure yet!!


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