LETS HIT THE SURF SHOP — Christian Maike

Christian Maike sent in this amazing shoot. All on one roll. And its a surf shop. Which you might have guessed I have a weakness for anything surf/skate/beach related.  Or quite possibly snowboard but no one has sent one in yet.

Mollusk is a surf shop in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. The thing I like most about it is that it’s not your average surf shop. The co-owners are a couple of guys who are super normal and down to earth, shy even. I’ve driven by this spot so many times and finally I decided to take a walk over there after my morning coffee. I used my Contax 645 with Portra 400 dev/scanned at RPL.

Since there are so many details w/in the place, I wanted to slow it down and see what I could get w/ only 16 frames. There were some great pieces of clothing, books, and surf boards. Having grown up in Santa Barbara and surfed throughout my entire childhood, I have a soft soft spot for low-key surf shops.

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