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We all want to shoot rockstars.  At least I do.  But its not everyday that a family photographer gets to and Trish from The Itchy Eyes did just that.  I love that first photo — why are birds against a blue sky so compelling? Anyway, here is her story:

“This is Scott, Sarah and Roxy.

Their story is pretty amazing and I guess my story of how I came into their story!

Scott is from Stockton, California and he’s from an indie rock band called Pavement.  Back in the day they were my favourite band – they were huge.  I can remember when I was in Sydney for a while they played three nights in a row at the Metro Theatre and I went all three nights.  I just loved them.  Pavement started to wind down a few years ago and Scott launched a solo career and came to Australia.  Whilst in Melbourne he met a girl from Brisbane called Sarah. She was best friends with (and was living with) my husband’s sisters.  They meet at a show, they fall in love.  Can you believe it, Brisbane girl meets and marries guy from a cool international band.

They have a bub called Roxy (as in Roxy Music) and move back to the sunshine coast – just north of Brisbane.  Our paths keep crossing at picnics and bbqs.  People with newborn babies tend to cling together have you noticed?  Nobody else understands what it’s like to have a newborn unless you have one at the time, so they just gravitate towards each other for that support.    They finally asked me to do a shoot with them, I did a silent hi-fi with myself in my head.  The thing is, he’s a really nice guy.  It doesn’t matter now what band he was in or how many times I saw them play the Metro now.  It’s kinda cool when people whom you admire their creative side (bands, art etc) turn out to be genuinely awesome people.

I used to be a band photographer and I took lots of photos of Pavement.  It was my dream to do portraits of bands (not just live shots), I kind of went a different direction with my career but taking portraits of Pavement was always on the wish list and well, I can tick it off now!”

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Its almost the brand new year.  We have some brand new features we will be trotting out next week and lots of brand new ideas.  What are you doing for the new year?



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