Lets Hang at the Beach — Trish Barker

Trish Barker lives in Maui and gets to shoot on the beach all the time (you lucky Hawaii girls!!!).  I know from experience it can be hard to make things seem spotaneous and fun when it might be super repetitive but Trish seems to pull it off flawlessly.
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For those of you that shoot over and over in the same spot…how do you make it fresh and spontaneous?! My husband always tells me that I need to remember that while I might be bored of the same spot or the same blanket or what not to my clients it’s all new and exciting. It’s new to them!!
For myself, Tory, if I am shooting in a popular spot I try and let the client do their thing, let the child take the lead a bit….see what they are drawn to…..and let that lead us off to see where it takes me before I come back in and do my thing.
We’d LOVE to hear what you do!! Leave us a comment below telling us what you to keep things fresh and new even if you have shot in the same place 5 times in the last week?!!
Enjoy your day!! I’ll be dreaming of being on that beach that Trish shot at……feeling the need for a vacation after seeing those!!
Tory + Wendy


  • love this! I tend to ask the them to bring a favorite toy – even if it dont end up being used at for the photos, its just something to set them off and something that makes them secure:)

  • mmmmmmmmm…this session is gorgeous! I think thats the beauty of child led sessions – if you just go with the flow – its just doesn’t matter. Every family is so unique and fresh – that when they command how the sessions goes it always looks different. But it is awesome to remind ourselves of that. I love the colours in this session – beautiful!

  • Carli says:

    Awww thanks for posting out family shoot. Love my beautiful kiddies and husband too. Doesn’t matter the backdrop as much as the energy if the subject and the skill of the photographer. That’s why this early morning shoot was success. Kids were well tested and full of energy but hungry for breakfast. Trish is awesome this whole shoot was done in roughly an hour! She rocks!

  • Olivia says:

    I agree with Rachel… I have shot at the same locations several times, and everyone is just so different… from their personality to their clothing… to their wild kids 🙂 You never know what is in store… and it’s really crazy how different a shoot can turn out from another yet at the same location.

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