LETS GRADUATE — Molly Flanagan Photography

Absolutely in LOVE with Molly Flanagan Photography. What a find! She definitely has an awesome creative eye and I love how her subjects personality really shows in her images.

Check out this awesome high school senior session she sent to us!!

“Finishing up high school is such a unique season of life. Whether you are going away to college or staying home, after graduation everything changes! Excitement, Fear, Anticipation. Pretty much every emotion is jam packed into the span of a few months. Sarah wanted to capture this moment in her life as she crosses that bridge from childhood to adulthood. So we spent an evening doing some of her favorite things while we talked about her dreams for the future. Meet Sarah…”

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Also wanted to throw a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY out to Wendy today!! If you all are FB friends with her go show her some love!! 🙂 Enjoy your day friend!! xo

Tory (+ Wendy)

P.S. – We’ll have some more fun giveaways for you this week so stay tuned!!


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