What a find Emily from Gem Photo is!! Her work is lovely and refreshing!!

This family session makes me so happy!! Bright bold colors matched with BIG kid personalities. It just screams unscripted FUN.

Emily said, “I love these images because we really just made time to play. We didn't fuss around with making them smile. I just got behind the camera, gave them a few of my own flower headbands, and let them do their thing. I think the permission to play is what really makes kids look like themselves. The spontaneous joy and laughter – that's my favorite thing about taking photos of kids.”

“Permission to play!” LOVE IT!!



We wish you a happy weekend and hope you are making time to play!!



  • Cecily R says:

    Love love love. Love. The location, the wonderful chaos, the colors, all of it.

  • Amy says:

    I just have to say that I really love these photos. I think my favorite part is the location choice. Where you at a school? What a great way to incorporate such a huge part of childhood into these photos. You see so many photos of families at parks or in the woods, but honestly how many families spend a ton of time at the park or exploring the woods? I’m not saying those are bad locations, but it’s refreshing to see a location this is so relevant to a family’s life right now.


  • Emily says:

    I just love the vision behind this beautiful blog. So honored to contribute!!! Xoxo

  • Em says:

    I love the vision of this beautiful blog and I’m so honored to be featured on here!

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