Kate De La Rosa: new beginnings

From newborns last week to maternity today…whoops I think that’s backwards! 🙂 Kate De La Rosa catches this marvelous maternity session at home.   And check out Kate’s blog diapersandskinnyjeans.com — LOVE the name.

Kate’s words: “When you visit the home of an expectant mother, you really are humbled by the honesty you see around you: Tiny clothes neatly folded, freshly painted walls, eager bassinets like nests for hatching eggs, a patient hand resting gently on a belly.  The glow and nervous excitement you see on the faces of first-time mothers is truly a beautiful thing, and one of my most favorite moments to capture in life.”

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Speaking of new beginnings, you might see some changes around here. We are coming back to our original goal of making Let the Kids THE place to go to find exceptional family photography.  We not only want families all over to come here to see what beautiful and great family photography is, but we ESPECIALLY want to provide a place to help clients find amazing photographers and amazing photographers to find great clients.

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