Jonas Peterson: let’s see a rad wedding with zero details

One of the industry’s very best and most creative wedding photographers, Jonas Peterson, submitted this ridiculously fun wedding to us.   Jonas shot this at WPPI last February in Vegas when his friends, and very talented wedding photographers, Todd and Alyda, renewed their vows.  I do believe this is Jonas’s one and only all film wedding.  As of now that is.

But it is the same as his digital work. Amazingly creative and original.

Does anyone here care that this wedding is short on details but LONG on love and creativity?  Not me. And not Jonas.  Have you read his Mason Jar Manifesto, posted on his blog last week? Here is an excerpt:

“We’re getting lost in details. The whole wedding industry is drifting away from what weddings are about and we’re all part of the problem – bloggers, photographers, planners and vendors – all hypocrites feeding the detail beast.

Strip it back.

Peel the layers off.

And start again.

At the center of every wedding we have a girl. Who fell in love with a boy. Or a girl who fell in love with a girl. Or a boy who fell in l… you get my point.

The rest is fluff.

If you read magazines and wedding blogs today, you’d think it’s all about the dress, the decorations, invitations or a million other things.


It’s not.

It’s about celebrating love, a manifestation of commitment, a gathering of friends and family.

Because you’re in love.”

If not, please do.  Leave a comment saying what you think.  You know what we think, right?

We are on the same page as Jonas.  Love matters first.  Its the couple, its the family, its the whole shebang.  Do we love details?  Of course.  Are they more important than the people?  Never.

The wedding is about them. The details that matter to them. Not details for the sake of details.  Even the Vegas wedding as details galore.. the clothes, the location, the ring, the friends, the family, and most importantly, the couple.

Contax 645/Portra 400.

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