Kjrsten Madsen: lets get married in Jamaica

Sometimes I see something on the internets.. facebook or on another blog and think I just have to show that because its so Let the Kids.  Who cares that it was shown somewhere else first. That is exactly what I thought when I first saw Kjrsten Madsen‘s post yesterday on Style Me Pretty.   And what I mean by it was so “let the kids” is the style.. the creativity, the wowness, the risks taken, and the quality of the images.

I asked Kjrsten to describe what it like to shoot a wedding in Jamaica.. I mean who wouldn’t want to do that!  this is what she said,

“When I left for Jamaica, it was the dead of winter here in old London town. I didn’t care one bit about the long plane ride across the Atlantic, nor did I mind that the airline lost my luggage, I had my eyes on the prize… photographing a wedding with the golden sunshine beaming down on me, and the smell of salt water swirling in the air. I am a summer type of girl, it’s the season I live for ALL year long. I could handle some lost luggage, I mean, I had my camera gear and film with me on the plane so what else did I need really? I promptly purchased some flip-flops and a touristy T-shirt stating “Jamaica- No problem” and went to work! “
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“Gardenia and Chris hail from two opposite sides of the world, Garden from So Cal, and Chris from England. Meeting in Jamaica was a great way to bring both of their friends and family together -sort of in the middle- for their union. I love the idea of having a wedding while basically on vacation with all of your favorite people in the world. Gardenia and Chris have the most wonderful friends and family who welcomed me into their circle like I was one of their own. It was a very full weekend, from the exchanging vows of love and “I do’s” to hikes through jungles and waterfalls. It was more than a wedding it was a full on wedding experience. All together I was there shooting for 3 days, a few hours on the first day hiking and exploring the island. Followed by the wedding event on day 2, which was all day noon-10ish. And finished the weekend off day 3 with a few casual shots on the beach and at the resort. In total I was gone 5 days for this wedding, 3 days on the island and 2 days of traveling. This was my first time in Jamaica, and it was everything I thought it would be. Reggae music at every turn, incredible jerk chicken, and the most warm and friendly locals. There is a scene burned into my brain that will always be Jamaica to me… It was Sunday morning, we were on our way to 9 Mile (where Bob Marley was born) the road was made of dirt, the hills were lush and overgrown with flora and fauna, the houses were meek and humble places. As we traveled through the hills upwards, (imagine a road that could slide off the side of a mountain, got it? well, we were on that road) So there we are, in the middle of nowhere it seemed, suddenly women and children began dotting the winding roads. There, walking along the edges, these Jamaicans are dressed to the nines, wearing the most pretty, colorful, clean and pressed dresses, sunday’s best, certainly! With their unmistakable Bibles in hand, to church they went! It was beautiful!
On this trip I was fortunate to photograph Chris and Gardenia so deeply in love, they brought a joy to my heart, I adore them so. I have this thing with music and memories, sometimes I hear songs when I recall people and places, when I think back on Chris and Gardenia’s wedding, all I can hear is Bob Marley’s song, One love, that pretty much sums up the whole weekend!”

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