It truly is amazing to see how much babies grow in their first year of life, isn’t it?!

Patricia, of Rejoy Photography, is a first time mom and never wanted to neglect taking photos of her own children, in fact she wanted to shoot MORE once having her daughter (WOW, do I know that the feeling!!) Having her daughter caused her to want to grow more in her creativity and get better photos straight out of the camera (wait, did I write this?! LOL). Patricia said, “I committed myself to taking a photo-a-day of Jolene for the first year of her life. Each photo doesn’t need to be a portrait of her, the photos just have to be about her in some way. Aside from taking mostly camera phone photos in the first couple weeks and a few missed days, I’ve been photographing her (almost) every day for the first 5 1/2 months of her life and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.”

You mom’s (dad’s) know what a feat it is sometimes to just go to the bathroom so I am in LOVE with the fact that Patricia does this and totally agree with her that she is going to be SO thankful that she documented her daughters life in that way. What a treasure.

Here is a glimpse at daily life with Jolie:




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