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I’m LONGING for summer……and with all the gloomy beach weather we’ve been having lately
I just want to move into Bret Cole Photography‘s beach session.

I LOVE the sweet simplicity of a 3 year old having a day at the beach.

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A little more about Bret…..plus make sure you check out her blog for more of her lovely work.

Why do you shoot? What drives you? What inspires you?
I love what i do, after all, we spend over 1/2 our life working, shouldn’t we be doing something that we love and fulfills us?
I want to combine my creativity with making a difference in others’ lives. And I am inspired by sharing their stories.
I am sooooo very passionate about film and the use of natural light in lifestyle environments.
Do you shoot film or digital?
all film.
If film, which films do you prefer and why? And how do you shoot them? over or at box speed?
I am primarily medium format, and some 35mm. My favorite films are Fuji 400h, ilford 400 delta and ilford 3200.
I also use a lot of kodak portra 800
Any tips for shooting children?
Getting down on their level, identify with them, and run around. Don’t be static and expect them to sit still.
If a child is extra challenging, without undermining the parents, I am firm enough to let them knowwho’s in charge 🙂
Favorite Light to shoot in?

Before “golden hour” when it is soft and warm
Favorite place to shoot and why?
as long as it’s environmental and beautiful, i am loving it. I prefer bright and airy environments with soft light colors.
Best piece of advice you could give a new photographer?
To find a nitch, a style that you truly love and realize that it takes time and patience to reach your goals.
Learn from others whenever possible and except critiques so you and your work can evolve.

Techie info: mostly Contax 645 with Fuji 400 speed film. Also a few on my Canon 1v.

Hope you all are having a great day!!



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