Let’s Enjoy the Park – Jax Harmon Photography

Today’s post makes me want to go on a Pacific Northwest adventure. Jax Harmon took these images of her kids while on a family trip…..looks like it was a memorable one!

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From Jax: I took these shots of my two boys on our first (and only) trip to Washington state. We stayed with good friends who made sure we experienced plenty of quintessential Pacific Northwest things. On this particular day we headed out to Kopachuck State Park so we could enjoy the rocky beaches and tidal pools we don’t get on the Carolina coast. Unfortunately we went when the tides were incredibly high, giving us only a small stretch of beach with no tidal pools to be seen. My boys could care less, however, and happily threw rocks and waded in the water to their heart’s content. And I took advantage of their occupation to shoot away to my heart’s content. Taken with my Canon EOS 3 on Walgreen’s brand film.

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