LETS DO IT AGAIN — Alisa Greig

The years,they go fast don’t they?! I’ll be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary this year and how I would LOVE to be on a beach in Hawaii surrounded by our friends and family!! If I win the lottery I’ll make it happen (did anyone win that $400mil last night in the lottery?!!) But, just incase that doesn’t happen i can always live vicariously through the fabulous Alisa Greig‘s photography. She shared with us her brother and sister-in-law’s (also a photographer!) vow renewal ceremony on the beach. Ahhh, i can hear the waves…….

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So we have decided to change it up a bit and introduce some fun questions for our featured photographers!
Who better to start with but one of our favorites!! We haven’t come up with a name yet but think of it as a Top 5.

1.  How long have you been shooting? I got my first camera in the 4th grade–a 110 instamatic something 🙂  My dad gave me his Canon AE-1 in my sophomore year in high school, over 20 years ago!

2.  What camera/lens are your favorites and why? My favorite camera right now is my Mamiya 645 af with the 80mm 1.9 lens.  I really enjoy the 6×4.5 crop vs. the typical 6×4, it just feels too long for me now!  After much practice with that lens, I’ve gotten much better at getting things in focus, which is easily a problem using the lens wide open, which I tend to do 90% of the time.

3.  Favorite place to shoot and why? I really enjoy shooting in new places, somewhere different that I’ve never been, but being that I don’t get to travel much, I’ve been enjoying taking excursions with my girls to random locations across the island, I am blessed to live where I do, but absolutely love to see new places too!

4. Best piece of advice you would give a new photographer? I am a hands on kind of learner, and I would probably suggest to a new photographer to just go out and do.  It’s important to read about how-to’s and what things mean, like settings, etc., but sometimes that can be difficult to grasp as a new photographer.  A solid effort in both ways of learning is a good start, and of course the FIND guide is great too!!  There are loads of resources online for anyone willing to spend some time there, learning by doing has always worked best for my brain, but everyone’s different!
5. Any tips or tricks you want to share? I don’t know that I have any special tips or tricks, I just have fun with it!  Once things get too routine, it can get boring and monotonous, keeping it fresh, trying new things and techniques and ideas helps to keep it interesting and enjoyable, which is what I like it to be about 🙂
Do you have any questions for Alisa?!
Let us know!
Have a great day dreaming about that beach in Hawaii!!


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