LETS DO A 365 DAY CHALLENGE — Tricia King – Itchy Eyes Photography

Imagine doing a 365 Day Challenge.. taking one photo every day for a year.  Sounds simple.  But its harder than it seems.  Its a HUGE committment and every year I see on flickr and the blogs people with the best of intentions — but drop out.  I’m not sure I could do it, but I think I would like to try.  I am inspired by Tricia King.. here is some of the photos from the start of her project.  I love that she choose her kids as her topic and that she has shot it naturally.  Here’s her take on it:
“There are a lot of 366 photo series which are starting to emerge on blogs and Facebook across the world.  Nearly two months in and a lot of people are really starting to find it hard and are waning.  I’m doing a 366 series of my kids and yeah, it’s challenging.  I wanted to submit a few of my photos to you because I really believe that all good things start in the home.  Seeing the difference and the beauty in something you see every day helps you to see it in new things.  Photographing a subject in an environment you see daily is a challenge but it makes one see their own world differently.  I think I personally extend my world further because of this project. I  am aware – because I document – of days where we don’t do anything meaningful and I try to do something more, so in that sense it’s life changing.  AND without a doubt its made me a better photographer.
I’ve spent years around the traps shooting and testing and really trying to spend thousands of hours to hone my skills (both compositionally, technically and empathetically) but I think this project has really pushed me to see the beauty in front of me, find composition in the every day and actually live my life a little better.
As I say, there are so many people trying the 366 challenge (I subscribe to thousands of blogs and there are a lot of people doing the challenge and the majority of them disheartened) so I thought it could be good to submit something which touches the every day and concentrates on the unconstructed beauty before your eyes.  I hope it provides an inspiration for the many thousands of people doing this challenge to keep moving forward.  Pick up the camera, feel your subject.  It’s really that simple but I think as photographers we sometimes make it unnecessarily more complex and this is a good reminder to strip it back.”
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