Let’s Dance | Helios Images | SF Bay Area Family Photography

These images I found compelling, unique, and full of emotion.  That is just what I love to show here on Let the Kids.  Something that I do not see every day.

Douglas Despres of Helios Images submitted these amazing ballet photos from a documentary project on the Alameda Civic Ballet.

“The project was documenting the young dancers of the Alameda Civic Ballet, which is made up of high school students. It follows them from the training in their studio, to the dressing room, and finally to the stage, where they hosted the successfully ambitious performance “United We Dance,” made up of ten dance troupes, spanning many genres, throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

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When I approached the director and shared about my idea, she became very excited, and allowed full access, which was a huge gift. After I arrived into the studio space, I was blown away by the gigantic windows and magical light, which gave great options for the camera. Then when all the dancers were present, with their ocean like movements, it became a wonderful photography experience.

They were taken with old school manual cameras with prime lenses, a trusty hand held light meter, and black and white 400 speed film juiced three stops to mimic 3200.”

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