Diogo Ramos: let’s be free

Diogo Ramos, a poet or a photographer or both — you decide.  I love his approach. His love of landscape and travel photography shows through in this engagement session.  Below is the poem he wrote on the couple’s blog post:

“In this session i went to the historic city of Ouro Preto, in state of Minas Gerais, to photograph the couple’s engagement session Adriane and Tulio.

About the session, I wrote in my blog about freedom, with texts by Cecilia Meirelles, described as follows:

“Freedom – that word, which feeds the human dream: that no one can explain, and anyone who does not understand!”

Freedom! Word so shouting, stiffer, conquered!

Sung by poets, writers, thinkers, dreamers …

Also decorated by the artists of paint, lights, sculpture.

The slopes of Ouro Preto are witnesses of freedom that Cecilia Meireles spoke of his verses in the “Romanceiro da Inconfidência”, immortal and free.

There as not to remember these verses to go through these streets of stone witnesses of history?

There are not as thrilled to touch the walls of every church, carved by the great masters of this art, and remember that there was once abolished such freedom?

Is there any way do not think for a moment there I was, like Cecilia Meireles, also doing my ballads, creating images through a collection of poetry?

Adriane and Tulio: the protagonists of my verses of love! Free to dream of new lives, free to live the love that brought them together, free to go hand in hand, free!

What do your feelings always release them, because as Goethe said, they (the feelings) “are the living essence of the soul.”

My wishes for a peaceful life and love are still higher than the unrestrained joy that I had to photograph them!

Cheers to you, today, tomorrow, always!”

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