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Tonight, I (Tory) went up to Richard Photo Lab for Jonathan Canlas’s Film is Not Dead book signing party! (I finally got my copy!!)

I am reminded daily about what an awesome experience FIND was. From the friendships formed, to what I do daily in my own photography business, THIS blog! FIND was a turning point for me in many ways and it is an experience I wouldn’t give up for anything.

So after hanging out a bit I came home to write my blog post (yes, I am writing this a little late….what can I say I thrive on deadlines & I’ll make sure to read this through in the AM to make sure it makes sense!) I thought it only appropriate to run Ken Bruggeman awesome submission of the people he attended FIND with! LOVE that Ken documented this portion of the workshop because let’s face it, the workshop is about film and photography and all that goodness, but it is really about the people attending!!

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Regarding FIND Ken said, “These shots are a collection of memories that I have from a photography workshop that I attended. I attended this workshop to kick start myself back into shooting film. One day out of the blue a good friend of mine emailed me and said that he remembered that I was a photographer and designer and he was trying to work on his photography and asked if I would mind looking at his work. I was completely floored by the quality of his work and that he contacted ME for feedback. I felt completely inadequate to give a critique as I was an immediate fan of his work. Let me clarify that my surprise wasn’t that I thought he would suck, it was that after seeing his work, I knew MINE sucked. It was humbling and invigorating at the same time. It lit a fire inside of me that made me want to be not only good, but great. I felt immediately compelled to revisit what I thought was good. I began to email him for tips and help. He responded with information that was honestly a bit confusing, and some of it was like a foreign language to me, which was interesting because I thought I knew what I was doing with photography before. Yeah… apparently I didn’t. At least shooting fully manually I didn’t. But damned if I wasn’t going to figure it out. I put myself to the task and was trying and trying to be a self taught fully manual analog photographer…….on a digital camera with a crap lens. It wasn’t working. But an interesting observation about life is, that when you put out there what you want to accomplish and you pour everything you have into it, it seems that when the time is right thing unfold to take you to the next level. Over the next year I purchased an inexpensive medium format camera, and some film and went to work. I learned the ins and outs of working the camera, the exposure and all of the technicalities that come along with shooting manually. I came out the workshop not only creatively charged, but with a new confidence, understanding, and ability to really take this on. Did I learn to use my camera? No. I had done that before I came to the workshop. Thanks goodness for that because if I was fumbling around not knowing how to use my camera I would have missed so much great information on technique and learning from what my fellow attendees (and now friends) were doing. What I gained was insight, refinement, and great things to consider and pay attention to help my work to get better.

How’s that for a review?!
And with that good night!!


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