LET THERE BE SUN — Caroline Lima Photography

What a fun week we had last week!! Thank you all so much for participating in our contests! Congrats to those of you that already won and Congratulations
to Ann Lee Photography on winning the Film Is Not Dead Guide by entering our contest on the blog.  And a big huge Congratulations goes out to Mandy Roselyn for winning the $300 Adorama gift card.  Both winners were picked by a random number generator off the big response we had to the contest on the blog.  Thank you to everyone who entered and helped spread the word about Let the Kids.
We have another amazing week for you filled with some super creative and fun photography!
Starting us off this week is a super sweet newborn session coming all the way from Germany! Photographer Caroline Lima sent us a few sessions that we absolutely loved so stay tuned for more from this talented photographer!!
Carol said, “Nicole and Brad are such a fun and relaxed couple, I was super excited to get to know baby Oliver! When I arrived in their house in the middle of the afternoon I noticed that the sun was hitting the living room. Since it is Autumn, the sun was not strong and it was being slightly diffused by the glass door. Nicole mentioned that baby Oliver loves the sun, so I decided to incorporate it in some images! I like to suggest to my clients a few poses that I think it will be flattering and once they are in position, I let the moment unfold by itself. I’m always ready to capture the little moments in between, like the giggles, a genuine smile and the emotions involved. I shoot manual and this helps me to have consistent exposures and exactly the look I want on my images.”
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Carol used a Nikon D700 with both the 50mm 1.4 & 105mm 2.8 macro lenses. She says that she “manually focuses the marco lens as it is a little bit tricky to use the auto focus with this lens, specially on images without a lot of contrast and when I want to get a close up shot, like the baby’s feet.”


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