I love holiday cards!! It’s so nice to have the mail that doesn’t involve the trash or people asking you for money!! And having pictures of all our friends and family displayed really puts a smile on my face – we leave them up all year

I usually design my cards myself, as I do for my clients, but this year I opted to try out minted.com for my cards and I am so happy I did. SUPER impressed with the variety of designs, print quality and the card stock. I love that they give freelance designers a place to sell their designs and I love that there truly is something for everyone. I chose a card from Waui Design for my own and I think it complimented the pictures of my cuties SO well!!

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SO from my family to yours I wish you much peace + love. Hope your holidays are happy and warm.
Thank you to all you readers out there that make Let the Kids the success that it is! I truly love our little project and the fact that you all are out there reading it makes it just that much better!!
Look forward to what the new year brings!!


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