One of the sweetest family shoots by Laura Reaux Photography in Lousiana.  No location or props needed.   All you really need is the family.  Of course the Dad’s striped shirt and the Mom’s super cute dress didn’t hurt either.  But thats just me. I adore that shirt.

Laura says, “I’m not a big fan of using props for portrait sessions, but I do love to find a way to incorporate something that is personal to each of my clients.  For this family session, they chose a location that is close to home for them… literally.  It’s a sweet, little garden that is tucked away between two of the homes in their neighborhood.  A neighbor who owns the property actually planted this garden just for the neighbors to enjoy as they please!  They were comfortable there and it was a sweet way to personalize their session.”



So sweet and so cute.  Perfect for a holiday weekend.

We have some news coming up tomorrow on our Saturday feature.  But if you are going out of town, you might want to look today.  Check out our cover and article on Las Vegas Photographer’s online magazine.  You can read all about us there.

Happy holiday weekend,

See you tomorrow,



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